Best Practices Assessment Tool

Construction Process Insights

How do your processes and systems measure up against industry peers?

The Best Practices Assessment Tool allows you to gauge where your organization stands against industry average and best-in-class contractors.

The Assessment:

  • Gives you visibility into what processes are most inefficient and risky
  • Identifies whether the risk is associated with either processes and/or systems
  • Provides you customized actionable recommendations.

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Get Actionable Recommendations

Your custom report shows the greatest opportunities for improvement based on risk and efficiency.

Compare Against Peer Contractors

Compare your responses against like contractors based on size, region, and type.

Uncover Hidden Risks and Inefficiencies

Identify the areas where your organization needs to focus the most.

Optimize Your Processes and Software

Get visibility into the processes and systems which are not serving the organization well. 

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100% free and completely confidential.

Backed by over 30 years of Industry Experience

Co-developed by:

Trimble Viewpoint enables contractors to better manage their projects, processes and people through leading cloud technologies that streamline data and workflows, increase productivity, lower risk and improve margins. 

Burger Consulting Group (BCG) is an independent IT Consulting firm that has served North America for over 20 years, helping contractors with IT strategy, software selection, process improvement and implementation management.

Technology provided by:

Construction made smarter by activating your data. Onware connects clients to their data through analytics and visualization to help drive and direct business decisions.